VIDA Network

Regardless of the size of the organization, Harris' VIDA® (Voice, Interoperability, Data and Access) network solutions are revolutionizing the way critical communications users can now think about their network. Rather than offering only a single technology with its inevitable tradeoffs in coverage, cost, and feature sets, VIDA® network solutions can be mixed and matched to provide the optimum technology for each user group. The end result is a single, cost-effective IP-based network that is flexible, responsive, expandable and easily upgradeable.

End-to-end IP

VIDA® network solutions employ end-to-end digital packet switched IP technology, ensuring increased efficiency, security and performance without the degradation in voice quality found in systems that may convert the original voice to digital and back to analog several times as it moves across the network.

VIDA® network solutions also allow more choices for existing applications and peripheral devices such as consoles and mobile data terminals. Since users are not locked into one vendor with a narrow range of peripherals, it is easy to leverage the existing investment in legacy infrastructure and preferred third-party applications.

Software-defined radios

Along with support for multiple technologies, Harris has applied software defined radio (SDR) technology to its suite of VIDA® network radios. SDR and "smart radio" technology combine to allow users to interoperate among various systems deployed across a locality or region.

VIDA® network radios are easily upgradeable, often over the air. This not only saves time, but reduces the need for spares since the radios do not have to be returned to the shop for reprogramming. Just as important, multi-mode and multi-frequency operation allows easy, planned migration from an existing system to a VIDA® network solution.

VIDA® Network Brochure [PDF]