OpenSky™ is a fully interoperable digital radio communications solution for public safety, utility, industrial and transit organizations. By utilizing spectrally-efficient 4-slot Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA), multiple transmissions are allocated on a single RF channel to double or quadruple network voice capacity (6.25 kHz equivalence on 25 kHz bandwidth). Employing the IP-based network architecture of the VIDA® network, end-to-end Voice over IP (VoIP) provides security and unprecedented access.


Low-profile cell sites and range-boosting Vehicular Tactical (V-TAC) Networks provide flexible deployment options with minimal environmental impact. With low power consumption, a 24-hour battery backup and easy serviceability, the OpenSky™ cell site is a cost-effective way to incrementally extend coverage into otherwise hard-to-reach areas, especially where in-building or rural coverage is necessary.

An OpenSky™ V-TAC not only provides all the functions of a M7200 full-duplex mobile radio, but also in-band network extension to portable radios that cannot directly connect to the network. Additionally, optional GPS technology utilizes the V-TAC for AVL, decreasing radio traffic to and from dispatch while the network automatically logs call times.

OpenSky™ Brochure [PDF]

OpenSky 2™ 900 Mhz Overview [PDF]

OpenSky 2™ 700 / 800 MHz Overview [PDF]