Headquartered in Melbourne Florida, the Public Safety and Professional Communications Division is a leading supplier of mission-critical RF equipment. Harris currently has the largest geographic deployment in the United States, with Florida's Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System. This represents 58,000 square miles, with 98.5% mobile coverage, 25 miles coverage off-shore, and the system averages 21,000,000 messages per month.

With a long history in the wireless communications industry and a major presence within all agencies of the Department of Defense, Harris sought to expand their offerings to public safety Agencies at the state and local level. To best achieve that objective, Harris acquired the RF Division of Tyco Electronics in 2009. The military background of Harris, coupled with Tyco's presence in public safety, creates a new company which delivers next generation LMR equipment for public safety personnel today.

Harris offers multiple operational platforms to satisfy your requirements and a broad array of both mobile and portable radios.

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