Land Mobile Radio Systems

Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Systems is the widely used name to represent non-cellular wireless communications and in some circles is simply known as "two-way" radio communications. Such systems are deployed by public safety personnel, municipalities, United States military forces, and commercial businesses who have a large plant or support a fleet of vehicles.

Customers secure licensing rights from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and may operate in various frequencies such as VHF, UHF, and 700/800 MHz. An LMR system can range from a single frequency and single site with a handful of users, to a complex system covering thousands of square miles with thousands of users.

Traditionally, LMR systems were proprietary and often firefighters or law enforcement personnel could not communicate with each other on their respective systems while responding to an emergency. With advances in technology, those obstacles of the past can be eliminated by migrating to IP-based platforms which are compliant with Project 25 (P25).

To ensure that the right system is deployed for your needs, Williams has established long standing partnerships with the following national manufacturers listed below. These relationships afford us the opportunity to design a solution based on your needs from an operational, technical, and fiscal perspective. To learn more, please contact a Williams consultant today or review the selected material from each company below.