RADAR | LASER | Speedometer Certification

Williams Communications, Inc. is pleased to announce even more improvements to save your department time and money.

We now offer complete on-site certification services for your radars, lasers & speedometers, all under one company. We have obtained a dynamometer to certify mobile speedometers, while at the same time offering services to certify speed measuring devices. We coordinate all scheduling that is convenient for you so you will never have to worry about when your certifications are due.

Other advantages for using Williams Communications for your on-site certification vendor….


  • We can certify radar & laser units on-site and provide a certification, regardless of brand. No equipment will ever have to leave your facility, unless it requires repair.

  • We can handle any repair regardless of brand. We have factory certified technicians for most major brands. We also have the ability to perform basic repairs on-site.

  • Missing tuning forks? Our mobile team carries a full line of tuning forks for purchase.

  • Speedometers can be tested at the same time that the vehicle’s radar is done, no more waiting in two separate lines to do the your tests. This will speed up the process tremendously, so a Deputy or Officer can get back on the road “10-8” faster.

  • Each client receives a copy of his or her own certificate at the time each test is performed. A duplicate copy is also given to the department’s office or persons in charge.


  • All certifications that are performed by Williams Communications, Inc. are backed up and electronically stored onto a secured server.  If your department happens to misplace a certificate, we can provide a duplicate copy within minutes, via email or fax.


  • Each of our professional technicians are certified to operate all testing equipment.  We have over 30 years of combined experience, with qualifications that meet all state statutes which include: FCC licenses, dynamometer testing certification, as well as special radar and laser testing equipment certifications.  We will be glad to provide a copy of the technician’s license &/or credentials upon request.

  • We are fully licensed & insured to operate at your facility.  There are no insurance risks or worries for us to operate at you facility.


  • If your department has a motorcycle unit, our dynamometer can test the speedometer by securing the motorcycle down, without jeopardizing any staff or employee’s safety.


  • We offer a complete line of mobile electronic inspections on-site for your preventive maintenance purposes. We can repair and/or replace any defective public safety lights or warning systems, as well as in-car cameras, radio communications and antenna “watt testing,” regardless of equipment brand.  This is extremely cost effective for an agency to be able to address and fix individual vehicle issues all at once.

Williams Communications, Inc. has been in business for over 50 years and each new day we strive to help streamline our customer’s unique and specific needs.  By offering this unmatched “one-stop-shop” mobile service, this is another way we would like to continue to earn your business.  For inquires about services, pricing or scheduling, please contact Scott McGuire.

All testing equipment is NIST certified, and technicians are properly trained with the use of all testing equipment. Contact our service department today for information about testing intervals and pricing.

Click here to view a five minute video that explains the RADAR certification process, and shows how our RADAR certification service can ensure your agency collects more revenue from speeding violations.