OTTO Portable Earpieces

If you are wearing an earpiece, only you will hear what is transmitted over the radio. There are two ways to accomplish this privacy.

One is an earpiece that connects to the remote microphone. Pictured here to the left. The unit clips on the back of your shirt and the plastic earpiece sits in your ear. When connected, the microphone speaker is turned off so only you will hear the transmissions.

Another possibility is the "Two Wire" microphone and earpiece set. This unit connects directly to your radio in place of the remote microphone/speaker. This is similar to the units used by the FBI, where they hold the microphone in the palm of their hands. In our case we attach the microphone to the front of your uniform shirt. There is a "Push to Talk" button on the microphone. The earpiece clips to the back or your shirt and inserts into your ear, as pictured to the left.

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