Harris GR-100: Delivering accurate first responder information to incident commanders and safety officers.

The Harris GR-100 was introduced to aid fire departments and first responders with continuous in-building location tracking of public safety personnel. A wireless location solution, the Harris GR-100 tracks and transmits the location of firefighters and first responders while they are inside buildings enabling on-scene commanders to better coordinate efforts and monitor personnel. Utilizing unique accuracy-enhancing algorithms in addition to GPS (Global Positioning System) capabilities, the Harris GR-100 provides defined positional information more precisely and reliably than inertial sensors alone.

How the Harris GR-100 works:

  • Unobtrusively mounted to the SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) frame, the Harris GR-100 is activated when the SCBA is turned on. The GR-100 automatically scans for a local GPS signal to acquire an initial starting location (site commanders can manually enter the location on their display if necessary).
  • Once inside the building, where GPS is unavailable, inertial sensors in the device utilize an on-scene tactical data radio network to determine and relay user location in three dimensions, allowing the on-scene incident commander to determine the floor and horizontal position within a search radius.
  • A ruggedized tablet personal computer, augmented with a data radio, displays interior user locations continuously, updated every few seconds.

Harris GR-100 Advantages.

Technology: The GR-100 utilizes Harris Corporation's extensive experience in situational awareness for the military. The GR-100 combines the best of several technologies to provide the accurate positional information that firefighters need today. Unique software algorithms significantly improve accuracy available from inertial sensors alone. Other solutions use radio measurements or triangulation that involve complex computer processing or require outside equipment to be set up.

Radio Network: Harris is a global expert in tactical mission critical networks. Existing 2-way analog and P25 digital voice systems do not carry positional data communications efficiently. The Harris GR-100 uses an on-scene tactical radio system optimized for location data and does not require existing voice radio systems to be modified or replaced.

Operational: Based upon extensive market research with firefighters, the Harris GR-100 was designed to be rugged and simple to use. The Tracker Module is activated at the same time firefighters turn on their SCBAs, prior to entering a building. The Harris GR-100 was designed by firefighters, for firefighters to withstand the harsh fire ground environment.

Download the Harris GR-100 brochure [PDF]