Williams Communications has provided communications solutions and technology services to state, local and federal public safety agencies, as well as individual consumers, for over five decades.  During that fifty year evolution, the communication industry has seen technological advancements that are documented profoundly in generations of text books and historical documents - and witnessed through the personal journey of owner, Kenneth Williams.

Established in 1959, Williams Communications, Inc. (WCI) has remained a key player on the forefront of the technological progression in the communications industry. Kenneth Williams was six years old when his father, Leslie, started Radio Telephone Communications, Inc..  Williams' father also had a role in local telecommunications history when his 1961 lawsuit against Southeastern Telephone Company helped establish the right of small, independent pager companies to compete against the larger phone companies.

Williams' father sold Radio Telephone Communications in 1973, but Ken remained interested in paging.  He started Williams Metro Communications in 1979 and eventually bought back his father's original company.  The company sold and rented pagers when the only customers who could afford the $300 luxury item were doctors.  Back then, "the revolution in technology included pagers that could send, as well as receive, messages," as stated in a 1995 Tallahassee Democrat article featuring Williams Metro Communications.

In that same article, Williams predicted, "there's always the chance that some new development will upset the industry's good fortune.  A new communications product could come along, or the pager fad among young people could pass."  Those early predictions came to pass, as Williams followed new developments and technological advances which led the company in becoming a key player in the public safety radio communications industry.

Over half a century later, WCI has continued to exhibit reliability, and a commitment to quality products and services.  Through partnerships with industry leaders such as Harris Corporation, Kenwood, Icom America, Catalyst Communications Technologies, EF Johnson, Zetron and Alcatel-Lucent, WCI has grown its business by specializing in the installation, management, maintenance, repair, and operation of radio telecommunication systems.  These critical systems are essential to the law enforcement, public safety, first responder, utilities, school safety, business, industrial and transportation markets, as well as the safety and welfare of the communities in which they serve.

Williams Communications will continue its long tradition of customer commitment by providing its clients with the most advanced technologies and solutions available.  WCI is driven to succeed by offering complete, end-to-end solutions for interoperable communications, meeting the unique challenges of customers' critical business needs.

Williams Communications remains future-focused, with an enthusiastic approach on proving the next 50 years to be as successful as the last.  WCI looks forward to the opportunity to earn your business.