"I am pleased to provide this letter of reference for Williams Communications, Inc.  The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has maintained a professional relationship with Williams Communications since 2000 as we migrated from our high band radio system into the 800 MHz Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System (SLERS).  Williams Communications has been instrumental in the installation, configuration and maintenance of this system from the design/installation phase through cutover, and continues to provide maintenance to this day.  This service has been provided across North Florida from the Atlantic coast to Alabama and as far south as the Ocala area. It includes two Regional Communications Centers, more than 90 radio tower sites and more than 1000 mobile and portable radios.

Williams Communications has provided qualified and knowledgeable personnel to provide service to us regarding system infrastructure, Regional Communications Center consoles and related equipment and has provided maintenance and support for our mobile and portable radios.  Throughout this relationship, Williams Communications has provided quality and timely service always meeting or exceeding contractual arrival and repair deadlines.

In addition to this, Williams Communications has provided installation and technical support for computers and radios that are part of our Catalyst IP Radio Gateway system in our Mobile Command Vehicle (MCV) located in Tallahassee.  They have also has provided router programming and configuration in the past for our MCV.

Based on the service and support that Williams Communications has provided our Department, I recommend them without reservation to others seeking reliable communications services.

I can be reached at 850-617-2390, if you have additional questions or would like to discuss this in more detail please feel free to contact me."

Major Steven A. Williams, Sr.
Chief Technology Officer
Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles
July 8, 2011

"The Williams Communications techs were great to work with and they were responsive to our ever changing demands. We stayed ahead of schedule in all locations. I look forward to our hopeful continued Preventive Maintenance relationship with them."
David G. Richter, Office Operations Manager I
Troop B Headquarters - Lake City
Florida Highway Patrol (Retired)

"Thanks to you, Bryan and David for coming over and making sure that we were taken care of. I can't emphasize enough the appreciation for making David a resource for us. He joked about it in the meeting, but I feel that he has made an enormous effort to ensure that we understood the system and answering any of our questions (sometimes two or three times)."
Marc Anderson, South Walton Fire Department 
Walton County, Florida

"The Baker County Sheriffs Office has been a customer of Williams Communications for three years, during this time I have found their product line extensive, staff well trained and professional, and I would highly recommend their services to other public safety agencies. "
Sheriff Joey Dobson, Baker County Sheriff's Office 
Baker County, Florida

"I'm writing to convey my appreciation for the job well done by Williams Communications on our new P25 radio system in Calhoun County. I found doing business with you was very comfortable and refreshing and I quickly developed a great deal of trust in your team. That trust began when we were invited to tour your Tallahassee facility. It was readily apparent that Williams Communications has the depth of experience, knowledgeable staff and resources to address any level of business or public safety radio communications.

The total remake of our public safety communications systems for law enforcement and fire service is the type of event that may occur only once or twice in a career. The decisions made are far reaching and not easily reversible insofar as tower locations, frequency licensing and fund expenditures. Given we are a small operation; I did not enter this venture with the benefit of my own project manager: a person that understood the various technologies, both present and emerging to help ensure that we received the very best system for our investment. I quickly realized that I did not need such a person nor did I need to self educate on the matter just to keep checks and balances in the configuration and installation of our systems. I quickly developed trust in the team at Williams Communications, that you all were working to provide me with the very best systems available. And now that it is installed and we have been using it for one month, I am convinced that is what I got.

I began the talks and request for proposals with an idea of what I thought we needed to accomplish reliable communications throughout our 557 square miles of jurisdiction. Since I began my career in 1979, we have never had the ability to talk back to the dispatch center from all points in the county. That was my primary goal with this project. As the project evolved, so did the concepts and configurations, and although 6 months passed from the time you provided me with a quote until we began the project, you held steadfast to the original price.

Although we haven't experienced any major problems with the installation or operation of the equipment, when we did need immediate attention to programming issues or minor service we received that promptly and via competent service personnel.

For the first time in history, the law enforcement and fire service personnel in Calhoun County have the ability to correspond with the dispatch center from any location in the county and for a generous footprint in our peripheral jurisdiction. In fact, not only did the capabilities of our new P25 system please me and meet my every expectation, it far exceeded what I had hoped to achieve. Thanks again for a job well done.

Best Regards,"
Sheriff David L. Tatum, Calhoun County Sheriff's Office 
Calhoun County, Florida

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how impressed I was with David Heupel and the other two engineers that assisted the Tallahassee Regional Communications Center on Sunday morning. They took all of the radios down safely during the UPS install and then after power was restored to the communication center they worked diligently to ensure that we were fully operational before they left. Your guys were here on time and were fantastic!

Again, thanks for all you do - we could not do it without your help."
Captain David E. Tripp, Commander, Tallahassee Regional Communications Center
Florida Highway Patrol