Police, Fire, and EMS helped design this radio as if their lives depended on it.

  • LTE-capable
  • Toughest Specs
  • ABCD switching

Limited Time Only:
Trade-in rebate

Manufactured by Harris, proudly made in the USA.

For details, email sales@wmscom.com


Jeff Hunt

Williams Communications welcomes Jeff Hunt to the Williams Family.


Based on the service & support Williams Communications has provided our Dept; I recommend them without reservation to others seeking reliable communications services.

Major Steven Williams, CIO
Florida Dept of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles

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Enabling the Convergence of Land Mobile Radio and Broadband Communications

Pubilc Safety agencies rely heavily on their land mobile radio systems to serve their communities. These narrowband systems provide reliable, high performance, group oriented push-to-talk communications in some of the harshest field environments.

BeOn Graphic

BeOn is an advanced software platform that has been designed to provide for a powerful convergence of narrowband and broadband radio technologies.