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Williams Communications, Inc. is always looking for quality talent.  Our diverse team of qualified professionals represents a broad range of experience across several industries.   When you join the Williams family, you are becoming part of a fifty year history in the communications industry. The work you do will have an impact on the lives of others by ensuring the communications of first responders and those who serve meet the unique and ever-changing needs of their critical missions.

We encourage veterans to contact us for employment opportunities.


Current Opportunities

IT Network & Communications Administrator

Below is a list of Knowledge and Skills requirements for this position:

Wired, Optical and Wireless Communications — Examine various signals and their transmission in the network, including codes and numbering systems, data transmissions methods, basic point-to-point networks, error detection and correction, and Internet access technologies.

Converged Networks— Explore current and emerging networks that deliver voice, data and video/imaging through various technologies, including core switching, broadband, edge access, Internet protocol telephony, adding packet capabilities to circuit-switched networks, 3G and 4G solutions, presence-enabled communications, and security and troubleshooting.

Wireless technologies and Services — Explore wireless technology and how wireless networks operate, including wireless network components, design, security, troubleshooting and regulation.

Advanced Networking — Focus on emerging and advanced topics in the networking field, exploring advances in technology and their implications in designing, implementing, securing and managing networks.

Advanced Network Security — Develop advanced skills in identifying network security vulnerabilities, including wireless vulnerabilities; conducting risk assessments; preventing, detecting and responding to intrusions; and providing for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Administration and Management — Gain knowledge of the business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, leadership techniques, production methods, and coordination of people and resources.

Systems Evaluation — Identify measures or indicators of system performance and the actions needed to improve or correct performance, relative to the goals of the system.

Attention to Detail — Learn to pay attention to detail and to be thorough in completing work tasks.

Interacting with Computers — Use computers and computer systems to program hardware, write software, set up functions, enter data or process information.

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Electronic Lab Technician

Below is a list of Knowledge and Skills requirements for this position:

Programming — Understand programming logic, including basic control structures, modularization and systems programming. Use high-level languages, such as flowchart-based languages, to apply programming concepts to technical problems in practical situations.

Communications and Networking — Examine principles of data communications, including noise effects, multiplexing and transmission methods. Discover the underlying technology of local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs) and the Internet. Explore networking media, the Open “System Interconnection (OSI) model, transmission control protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP), routing and switching, and small network configuration and troubleshooting.

Hardware and Software — Explore the PC system from the software, hardware and operating system points of view. Cover hardware topics such as system boards, processors, memory, power supplies, input/output (I/O) ports, internal adapters, printers and basic networking devices. Cover software topics including client/server operating systems and installation, as well as software licensing considerations.

Electronic Systems — Gain proficiency in working with integrated circuits, and building and troubleshooting power supplies and operational amplifier applications. Explore solid-state devices such as diodes, bipolar and field effect transistors, and operational amplifiers, as well as their use in signal processing applications, such as amplification and filtering.

Controls and Instrumentation — Learn the electronic control of mechanical systems, covering sensors and transducers, signal conditioning, actuators, and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

Maintenance and Repair — Service, repair, calibrate, regulate, fine-tune or test machines, devices and equipment that operate primarily on the basis of electrical or electronic (not mechanical) principles.

Computers and Electronics — Gain knowledge of circuit boards, processors, chips, electronic equipment, and computer hardware and software, including applications and programming.

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Public Safety Vehicle Installer

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Sales Representative

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Senior Project Manager

Below is a list of Knowledge and Skills requirements for this position:

Williams Communications has multiple active projects at any given time that vary in size, duration, and complexity; from small system enhancements that may take a couple of months to complete, to large scale communications system replacement/ upgrades that may take a couple of years to complete. Detailed project management is required in virtually every aspect of our business. Implementing small to large scale critical communications systems takes meticulous planning and attention to details in order to ensure a high-quality product/installation is delivered to our clients at the end of each project. The Senior Project Manager will create the project plan in MS Project, engage the appropriate resources, obtain any revised estimates, facilitate the process of obtaining/verifying FCC licenses, track product deliveries and effectively assess risks and manage issues in order to ensure the project timeline and cost is not impacted by delays or un-planned events/issues. The Senior Project Manager will also represent Williams Communications during on-site meetings with the client, during events and/or conferences, and effectively communicate/report the state of the project and status of outstanding activities and/or issues to the Williams Communications Vice President on a weekly/daily basis. Updates frequency will vary according to the state of the project. In addition to reporting to senior management on project progress, problems and exceptions, the Senior Project Manager will be responsible to identify areas of process improvement within WCI project delivery, prepare cost/benefit analysis when applicable, and implement approved improvements across WCI. The ideal candidate will have experience managing client relationships, vendor relationships and project personnel. Performance will be measured by effective engagement, management and coordination of team members, contractors and consultants in the delivery of projects on time and within budget.

Job Responsibilities:
•Define, develop, and manage the project plan including the cost, technical and schedule aspects of projects.
•Complete responsibilities for the project's execution from purchasing, equipment integration, factory testing, installation and commissioning.
•Manage change on the contract and escalate issues to higher levels in the organization when appropriate.
•Confer with subcontractors and/or suppliers to ensure they satisfy their contractual obligations.
•Design and define project requirements and interface with the engineering and drafting departments to ensure that all engineering parameters, needs, and client requirements are being fulfilled on a timely basis.
•Develop and monitor detailed work plans, work schedules, project estimates, resource plans, budgets, and status reports from initiation through delivery as required.
•Assess project issues and develop resolutions to meet productivity, quality, and client satisfaction.
•Interface and coordinate with customers, internally (e.g. Account Managers) and externally, to effectively and efficiently tailor WCI products and service solutions to the needs of the client.
•Develop and provide weekly status reports and present monthly presentations on the progress of all assigned projects.
•Work directly with Project Engineering and Technicians during design, installation, and final commissioning of the projects.
•Identify internal process improvement opportunities, develop and implement strategies and tools that support consistent and high quality product delivery across WCI.

Job Requirements
•Must be a self-starter and seek out potential issues that aren't readily apparent.
•Strong organization, tracking, follow-up and analytical skills with the ability to collect, access and report factual data and present logical conclusions.
•Able to effectively manage multiple projects and function with minimal supervision.
•Strong communications skills both verbal and written with customers, internal departments, and management.
•Must be an excellent problem solver and able to accommodate changing priorities and directions.
•Strong writing skills: must be able to prepare formal documents to be presented to customers, internal departments, and management. Demonstrate strong understanding of concepts and issues across functional lines.
•Must be able to interact effectively within all levels of the company.
•Minimum Bachelor's degree required, Master's degree preferred.
•Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification preferred.
•Minimum of 6 years (72 months) of experience in project management and successful project deliveries.
•Proven track record of managing and delivering multiple projects concurrently.
•Able to multi-task and reprioritize as needed.
•Must be willing to travel up to 85% of the time to all company locations as well as client and project sites. Travel will be primarily in Florida and Georgia, though other areas of travel in the Southeast region of the United States may be required. The normal travel week will be to leave on Sunday or Monday and return home Friday, though some weekend work at project sites may be required.

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Williams Communications, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and we support a Drug Free Workplace. Drug screening and criminal history background check is required prior to employment.

It is Williams Communications' policy to recruit, employ, promote and take other personnel actions without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability or membership in any other group(s) protected by federal, state, local or international laws or regulations, and to take affirmative action as required by law.