GENESIS- Speaker MIc

  • Removable front grill to easily wash away dirt and debris
  • Dual grill provides immersion and high pressure water seal
  • Immersion rated, fully sealed per IP68 standard*
  • Optional watertight (plugged or unplugged) accessory connector
  • Large snap-action Push-to-Talk button to accommodate fire gloves and other protective gear
  • Reduced gain on microphone that helps reduce ambient noise
  • Speaker always remains active
  • Durable design and construction to meet MIL-STD-810 specs
  • Heavy duty cable assembly with strain relief for demanding applications
  • Clothing spring clip which can be positioned 360º
  • Optional top mounted antenna connector
  • Optional emergency button
  • Optional debris screen available
  • Optional accessories allow the user to communicate when wearing masks, respirators or other protective gear
  • Ideal for firemen and other Public Safety applications, as well as industrial applications where dust, metal filings and other debris may damage speaker microphones

* IP68 standard is submersion in 1 meter of water for 31 minutes

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