Ascend™ ES Series Portable Radio

EFJohnson's Ascend™ ES Series Portable Radio is all of these, along with lightweight, versatile, and designed for Multi-Net® LMR applications. A significant additional benefit of the Ascend ES Series Portable Radio is that it is also a multi-protocol device, which means that it can operate on conventional and trunking infrastructures, and in both analog and digital applications. It provides a seamless evolution to next generation networks while offering investment protection for your present communications system; all in a powerful software-controlled device that is easy on your mind and your budget. If you need a Multi-Net portable radio that leads the industry in feature richness, multi-protocol capability, and system interoperability, then the Ascend Series Portable Radio is your clear product choice.

Weight: 11 oz
EF Johnson
SKU: 0000007
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