Trunked IP25™ Infrastruc ture Systems

First responders need a secure, reliable, and flexible Project 25 trunked communication system. EFJohnson's Trunked IP25™ Infrastructure System is a Project 25 compliant trunked system that is designed specifically for public safety and homeland security, and utilizes Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for system integration.

Trunked IP25 provides a modern trunked P25 infrastructure for all of your communications needs. This modern system meets the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) mandates for narrow- band operation in VHF and UHF frequencies as well as Department of Defense mandates for Project 25 compliance.

Trunked IP25 is a switchless end-to-end digital environment. This system solution does not require a traditional network switch or Central Electronics Cabinet to link your consoles or repeaters, rather it uses standard off the shelf IP networking equipment. Your advantages are quicker deployments, fewer network elements to own and maintain, and increased scalability.

EF Johnson
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